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Pro-Brexit Conservative Party Wins Historic Election as UK Parliament is Unblocked

We finally can start to make statements that are less equivocal following the Conservative Party’s success last night that has led to a majority of 80 seats in the House of Commons, its biggest majority since 1987 and its highest share of the vote since 1979. The Labour Party’s experiment with a more socialist agenda appears to be shelved as it had its worse performance in an election since 1935.

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The Most Important Election in a Generation?

We have been very quiet with our updates as the UK general election campaign runs its course. However, we cannot resist the opportunity to attempt to look into the future to see what the effects may be on Brexit and, as a consequence, Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

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All change (again!) A General Election is Called in the UK

We could be on the verge of some meaningful change that would mean the UK finally starts to move forward again. On Tuesday, after a roller-coaster of a day when rumour followed rumour, the House of Commons finally voted for a general election to be held on Thursday, 12 December. First it was on, then it was off, then the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn decided to support a general election, then there were attempted amendments to the bill and, in the end, Prime Minister Boris Johnson got what he originally asked for on Monday.

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A Brexit Deal Passes in Parliament, and is then Derailed!

In our post yesterday, we thought that new Withdrawal Bill giving effect to the new deal reached with the EU could pass its second reading, but it ‎might fail to get approval for its expedited timetable through Parliament. That turned out to be ‎exactly what happened. However, Prime Minister Johnson had threatened to pull the bill entirely ‎if he lost the timetable motion, but he then decided to ‘pause’ the legislation pending the EU27’s ‎response to the extension request that was made last Saturday.

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