Brexit: Reporting Developments Affecting the Business and Legal Community


What happens now?

As expected, the Prime Minister lost last night’s vote in the House of Commons on the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement by 149 votes. The Prime Minister is ignoring calls for her resignation and there will be a vote today on a further motion in relation to no-deal.

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A no-deal Brexit – Are you prepared?

Recent developments in Parliament suggest that the possibility of a no-deal Brexit is a real one. The UK Government has been introducing legislation and temporary regimes on a unilateral basis to mitigate against the effects of a no-deal Brexit (click here for the most recent update on UK preparations). The UK Government’s and the EU27’s contingency planning is escalating as this note is being sent out – just before Christmas the European Commission published a number of new legislative initiatives, which may be found here.

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A day is a long time in politics!

In a whirlwind day that has implications for the Brexit process and the stability of the UK government, the Prime Minister’s leadership was indeed finally challenged culminating in a vote of all 317 Conservative Members of Parliament last night.

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